A great way to decorate your landscape is to include Pottery. Just as one would furnish a room with accessories to make it look more interesting, your landscape (being a outdoor room) requires furnishings for the same reasons. 
Pots and potted plants are accessories that add pizazz an outdoor living spaces. 

 Some concepts to remember about pottery.


One could take the architectural style and run with it.  For example, a bungalow home calls for a  craftsman style pot with muted colors or simply the minimalist plain terra cotta.  A different approach would be to create a garden room with a completely different genre all its own.  What ever you decide, the accessories will add that extra touch, revealing a more finished look. 
Some styles of pots: Asian, Mexican, Contemporary, Mediterranean, Cottage, and Craftsman.

Pots come in many different materials too.  Clay is the first image to come to mind, but there are others too.  Concrete, Metal, Fiberglass, Porcelain, Cast-stone and Plastic are all available.  Choosing the right material depends on your location and budget.  Freezing weather can break some porous ceramic and clay pots while other are more frost proof.  
Heat can be an issue too - Plants can cook in too small a pot over 100 deg f. no matter how much water is applied.  Some other examples - Pots on a wood deck would require a more lightweight solution, and planting a small tree would require a  substantial concrete pot.

Your own spaces will determine the most appropriate sizes for your selection of pottery. Don't create clutter by having too large a pot(s) in a smaller area. Another important factor is to know the area a plant needs to survive in a pot. Make sure you know how large to plant roots will grow and choose a pot that will meet its needs.

Pots have many different shapes as well.  The standard  flower pot, with its tapered bottom is built purely for functionality.  This narrow bottom not only provides shade when the sun is over head, but most important is the fact one can remove the plant without causing damage to its roots.  Planting in a wider bottom than top - pot will create these scenarios: The plant will not be able to be removed without damage or the pot will have to be broken to release the plant.  Not all pots ahve to be planted, though.  Some are a bit more like sculpture.

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